Meadow Hill Corporation is the FIRST name in keepsake jewelry. Our team is dedicated to making the Thumbies and Buddies experience the best it can be. Whether you are ordering your custom keepsake to celebrate the new birth in the family, surprising your special someone with a unique gift to show that you will always be by their side, looking to propose with something extra and unexpected, or if you are making a keepsake from the last touch of a deceased loved one… we are here to provide you the best in customer service and the highest quality product that will last a lifetime.


The Meadow Hill Difference

14k Gold, Sterling Silver & White Bronze

Gold keepsake material

Something as precious as a loved one’s print can be passed from one generation to the next, but only when it is cast in a metal that withstands the test of time.

Meadow Hill only casts its Thumbies and Buddies with the finest metals available.

Crafting One Piece at a Time

fingerprint detail

The uniqueness of our fingerprints means that each Thumbie or Buddies piece is a custom creation.  We make a wax model that replicates exactly the detail in your print. This wax is then cast in metal, polished and engraved, giving you the ultimate in personal keepsakes.


Our Team is Dedicated to Providing You The Best Experience

Meadow Hill is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience.  That includes everyone from our knowledgeable customer service reps, creative designers, efficient order entry folks, and precision casters to our precise engravers, eagle-eyed quality control team, and, of course, our accurate fulfillment people!

Casting vs. Laser Etching

Quality Manufacturing


Meadow Hill’s lost wax casting process preserves the intricate detail present in each print: the ridge and valley patterns, the starts and stops, even the sweat pores! Capturing those details is what separates Meadow Hill from others who may laser etch or rotary cut a disc off a shelf.


Custom print keepsakes