Always Remember Your Best Buddies

Pet KeepsakesLiving Pets

For your pets that are alive and well, the process begins with selecting a keepsake from the many options on this website.  Our Customer Service Center will gladly answer any questions you may have. Just call 877.848.6243 to place an order or email us at

Aging or Deceased Pets

If your Buddie is nearing the end of life, you can capture a print using one of the methods described below. If your pet has just passed, you can enlist the help of your veterinarian, cremation provider or pet crematorian.

Capturing Pet Prints

Three-dimensional Buddies are crafted with prints from a variety of sources:

  • Digital photographs – close ups taken without a flash
  • Clay, plaster or resin molds
  • Ink or barn/tempra paint

*Please Note: The quality of the finished pet keepsake is dependent on the quality of the prints provided.

The Process

Once Meadow Hill receives your prints, we scan them, create a wax model, and use the process known as lost wax casting to produce your one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. After polishing, each piece is further personalized with engraving.

Print Selection

From images of your pet’s paw, nose, hoof, talon or other source, Meadow Hill’s artisans select the print that captures the most character and detail to create your keepsake.

pet paw print jewelry

Precious Metals

Buddies charms are all available in .925 sterling silver and 14k white or yellow gold. Our signature key tag is the only piece available in white bronze

Sizes and Shapes

Keepsakes are slightly domed on the print side and have a flat burnished finish on the back for engraving. We size the print you provide to fit the piece you select. Please note the product sizes listed in each category throughout the booklet.

Custom Work

Each Buddie is a custom piece. If you would like to create something altogether different, please contact us and we will put our designers to work. Price quotes will be provided before any work begins.

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