Featured Keepsake Dedication


One of the most touching gifts I have ever received was the Infinity Heart charm, which was given to me by a dear friend for my birthday two years after my mom’s passing. Thanks to your product, I feel like my mom is always with me. Until she passed, I worked with my mom every beautiful day for 14 years. Now, I am able to take her with me again every morning, and I find myself still talking to her every day!  When I see and touch my charm, I am reminded of my favorite things about my mother – her sense of humor, her frank advice, her strength, her ability to overcome any obstacle, and her ability to always find the silver lining and fight through the dark cloud. Thank you for this ray of sunshine, and for helping me keep that connection to my mom intact.


family ties dedicationfamily ties dedication

Keeping in Touch on the Road

My job takes me away from home several times a month. When I’m traveling I wear my Thumbie Family Ties piece. On it are the prints of my wife and our three kids. As I talk to them each night and hear about their days,...

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Pet Keepsake for DogPet Keepsake Dedication

Delilah Beilschmidt
She Chose Me To Love

Delilah was my “Canine Soul Mate”. She looked after me and when my blood sugar dropped in the night, she was there with her relentless kisses until I got up for a can of pop. She had no formal Diabetic Alert training. Her intuitiveness and...

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a gift for sisterkeepsake for my sister

Impossible to Surprise? Not This Year!

My sister is impossible to surprise. On top of it, she’s incredibly picky about everything. But this Christmas, I’ve got ‘er… I scanned the fingerprint on her passport, took my own fingerprint, and ordered a Thumbie with both our prints. The yin yang is perfect–different...

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daddy's little girl

Daddy’s Little Girl… Always

My Dad suffered a heart attack and passed away a few weeks before my wedding day. Devastated, I was ready to delay everything, but after talking with my Mom and the rest of family, they convinced me to go ahead. “He would have wanted it...

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Baby keepsake dedicationchild keepsake dedication

Nestled Tootsies

I want to dedicate this charm to my Twins. Here they are at just a few weeks old. Today, they started kindergarten! I think I’ve worn their little nestled feet around my neck every day for the past five years. Love it! Love it! Love...

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