Meadow Hill embeds a Thumbie or Buddie Standard Charm into beautiful hardwood keepsake urns crafted in Colorado Springs by Davis Whitehall Company. Hide a special note, a lock of hair, or other small momento inside the cavity accessed on the backside of the Heartfelt Keepsake™ Urn. Choose from three wood types: maple, cherry and walnut. Two lines of engraving are included. Line 1 holds 12 characters and spaces; line 2 holds 18. 2-3/4”W x 2-3/4”L x 1-5/8”H.

Wooden Keepsake Urns from Artistic Urns Inc

Meadow Hill is pleased to announce a new association with Artistic Urns Inc. Each hand-turned wooden urn is a work of art, signed and numbered by the artist. To order an Artistic Urn with a Thumbie, go to

Select and purchase your keepsake urn, letting them know you want to add a Thumbie keepsake to the piece. Then work through your funeral  or veterinary service provider to capture a print and order your Standard Thumbie or Buddie. We’ll take care of sending the charm on to Artistic Urns, who will embed or afix it to lid of the urn you’ve purchased.

Custom print keepsakes