Thumbies are jewelry keepsakes crafted from the actual fingerprint, footprint or handprints of people we hold dear.

From a two-dimensional ink or scanned print. Meadow Hill’s artisans create a three-dimensional wax model that is then cast in 14k gold, sterling silver or white bronze using the ancient art of lost wax casting. Polished and engraved, perhaps embellished with a stone or chain, these one-of-a-kind keepsakes connect us to the people we love.

fingerprint jewelryIt Starts with the Print

The higher the contrast is in the print you take, the better the detail will be in your finished keepsake Our artisans select the portion of your two-dimensional print, the portion that has the most unique characteristics. This area is then cast; the finished product replicates the ridges and life lines in that part of the original print. The images shown on each page have been sized to show the features.

Helping Hands

Meadow Hill works with a network of funeral service providers who assist families with the collection of final fingerprints, presenting the Thumbies product, and placing keepsake orders. Ask your funeral home to contact us should they need assistance.

Thumbies Celebrate the Span of Life


handprint jewelryThe tiny handprints and footprints of newborns and toddlers are ideal gifts for parents and grandparents.


Young Adults

custom fingerprint jewelryThe fingerprints of young people are clear with well-defined ridges. These keepsakes give parents a way to deal with separations.


fingerprints keepsakesIn midlife fine lines begin to cross the surface of our fingerprints, making them even more distinct.

The Elderly

deceased fingerprint jewelryAs loved ones near the end of life, the ridges of their prints grow fainter and the “lifelines” more pronounced. We imagine these prints telling the stories of their lives.

A Last Touch

When our loved ones die, we honor them and comfort ourselves with something that only they can leave us–a last touch–their fingerprint captured in precious metal to hold now and to pass on to future generations.

From the Archives

baby print jewelryPrints from sources such as birth records, military (DD- 214) or police records, school projects, firearm registrations, employment cards, etc. can be used to create your Thumbie keepsake. Just scan, crop, upload, and order. We’ll do the rest!

Parts of Your Thumbie

The Metal

Thumbies fingerprint jewelry is available in .925 sterling silver and 14k white or yellow gold. Charms are slightly domed on the print side and flat with a burnished finish for engraving on the back.

deceased fingerprint jewelry
Some styles are also available in Noble Bronze™, a proprietary white bronze formula that comes with a hypo-allergenic coating. Noble Bronze pieces are flat with a satin finish.

fingerprint necklaceSize, Shape and Engraving

Thumbies come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Product size variations dictate the amount of engraving. Please refer to the specific dimensions and engraving specs for each product. Both BLOCK and Script styles are available.

Face Design

Four face designs are available; full fingerprint (print extends edge-to-edge), rimmed print (polished rim frames print), handprint, and footprint. Any of these designs can be applied to Thumbie charms.

fingerprint jewelry options


Thumbie charms come with different bail configurations which determine how the charm is worn or carried.

thumbie bail options

Custom Work

Each Thumbie is a custom piece. If you would like to create something altogether different than what you see, please contact us and we will put our designers to work. Price quotes will be provided before any work begins.

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